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“The Sabbath school was developed to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in response to the command of Jesus, and in the setting of the three angels’ messages. In loyalty to this original purpose the Sabbath school continues to communicate the good news with the objective to win, hold, and train for Jesus Christ, men and women, youth, boys and girls, in the entire world.” (Seventh Day Adventist Encyclopedia, pate 1258.)


The Abney Chapel Seventh Day Adventist Church Sabbath School strives to provide spiritual growth, evangelize, and share our faith by providing:

  • The opportunity to grow spiritually through the study and discussion of God’s Word.

  • The opportunity to strengthen and nurture each other through testimony, prayer and discussion of His word.

  • The opportunity to Increase the presence of Jesus in in the community by  Witnessing and Reaching out to people around u

  •  The opportunity to focus  on the needs of our extended global community and  the global mission of the Seventh Day Adventist to assist in fulfilling the Understand the Global Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and foster the desire to help fulfill the gospel commission worldwide.


Sabbath School Classes and Teachers 


Kindergarten: ages 3-5 ~  Barbara  Jones, LaVette Wagner - Teachers

Primary: ages 6-9 ~ Diana Litmore, Nicole Turner, Pamela Harris - Teachers

Power Point: ages 10-14 ~ Candice Fairley, Teacher

Cornerstone: ages 15-18

Collegiate: 18-and up

Adult Sabbath School


Adult Superintendent: Janice Swoope

Junior Sabbath School Leader/Children’s Ministry: Tamika Howell



Sabbath School Resources for Adults 



Sabbath School Resources for Children





Birth through Age 9


Power Point Ages 10-14


Real Time Faith Ages 13/14


Cornerstone Connection: High School Ages 15-18


Audio, Video and Braille Sabbath School Resources




Superintendent: Janice Swoope         

If you are interested in facilitating or participating on a Sabbath School Panel please contact Sis Swoope 


































Elsie Corey ~ Betty Fuller
Elsie Corey ~ Betty Fuller




Class 1



Class 2



Class 3



Class 4